About me. Svyatoslav Bunkov | photographer

My name is Svyatoslav Bunkov. Since 2011, I have been dedicated to commercial photography, completing over 2150 photoshoots. My primary objective is to consistently deliver high-quality images in a timely manner.

My expertise spans various niches including reportages (encompassing industrial and production environments), events, holidays, concerts, and interiors, along with providing photography services tailored for businesses.

Utilizing cutting-edge modern equipment and licensed software for post-processing, I harness the power of neural networks to enhance the quality of my work. Clients can expect prompt delivery of edited and retouched photographs, with the option for real-time transfer of color-corrected images during the shoot.

Equipped with two high-resolution full-frame Sony cameras, I ensure exceptional quality under any circumstances, offering assurance that a photoshoot will proceed without interruption due to equipment failure. I rely on premium fast lenses, both zooms and primes, covering a versatile range of focal lengths from 12mm to 400mm.

Moreover, my arsenal includes a comprehensive lighting kit featuring multiple lights with remote control functionality, softboxes, stands, reflectors, color filters, and an array of accessories, enabling me to create a professional photo studio environment virtually anywhere.

For a list of selected clients I’ve worked with, visit

I am a taxpayer of professional income tax, and payment via bank transfer is accepted.

I am fluent in English (C2 level) and adhere to a dress code when necessary.

Feel free to contact me at or by calling +7 (964) 394-04-04.