About me. Svyatoslav Bunkov | photographer

My name is Svyatoslav Bunkov. Since 2011, I have been engaged in commercial photography. More than 2150 photo shoots were done. My aim is to create high-quality pictures and provide final product in short terms!  👍

My specializations: reportages (including industrial and production), events, holidays, concerts, interiors, photography for businesses.

I use the best modern equipment only: professional full-frame Sony camera, which provides excellent quality in all conditions, and premium lenses. For event photography I use mobile light (flash units with remote control, softboxes, octaboxes, stands, reflectors, color gels — I can organize a mobile photo studio everywhere).

Selected clients I’ve worked with:

I am a payer of professional income tax. Payment by bank transfer is possible.

I speak English fluently (C2 level). And I follow a dress code if needed.

Feel free to contact with me at or by +7 (964) 394-04-04.